What is Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation methods have undergone revolutionary changes since the concept was first implemented. At the Hair Transplant Center, we dedicate significant resources in order to be able to offer our patients the most sophisticated methods and techniques. Our experienced team has previously practiced FUT Strip Surgery and has 8 years experience with Follicular Unit Extraction method, also known as FUE. Today, we take this one step further with Advanced FUE hair transplantation method. Read below to find out more about how we carry out hair transplants.

Overview of Advanced FUE Method

basics of hair transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction involves removing so-called donor grafts from the back of the head and re-planting these grafts onto the areas affected by baldness. A Graft, also known as follicular units is naturally occuring grouping of 1-4 hairs. Essentially groups of 1-4 hairs are extracted with a special instrument and replanted where needed. Transplanting these natural groups of hair, or grafts, gives patients beautiful, naural-looking results.

The main difference between Follicular Unit Extraction and the now outdated FUT Strip Surgery is the absence of any scars at the back of patient's heads. In fact, Advanced FUE is guaranteed to leave absolutely no marks or scars following the transplant.

Step 1: Harvesting Donor Grafts

harvesting follicular units grafts

Before the procedure begins, every patient has a consultation with the leading hair transplantation surgeon. Once everything is agreed, precise outlines for the new hairline is drawn on the patient's head. Then, a nurse trims off the patient's hair to allow access to donor grafts. The patient is positioned in the operating room and local anaesthesia is administered.

extracting hair grafts for transplantation

The procedure involves harvesting grafts, or follicular units, from the back of the patient's head. A special instrument is used to make tiny incisions and separate the individual grafts with a minimal amount of skin around them. Instruments used the Hair Transplant Center in Antalya have extremely fine points under a millimeter in size. This guarantees utmost precision during the transplant and results in zero scarring on the "donor site". The entire process is completely pain-free due to the professional anaesthesia.

Step 2: Removing and Preserving Donor Grafts

removing follicular units during hair transplant Once the grafts are separated with the small incisions, they need to be removed. Our team carefully extracts the follicular units from the scalp. Overall, during a one-day transplant, we extract and transplant up to 4000 grafts. Harvested follicular units (grafts) are evenly distributed over the donor area, thus there is no long-term effects on the visible density of hair at the back of the head.

The tiny incisions left behind after the grafts are harvested will heal within 10-14 days, similar to any tiny wound you would have. The healing process can be further accelerated using a revolutionary new medical procedure, called PRP Stem Cell Therapy. Our Hair Transplant Center is professionally equipped with certified equipment specifically for this procedure. Find out more about PRP Stem Cell Therapy.

Advanced FUE: Grafts are Preserved in PRP Solution

preserving hair grafts in prp therapy solution

As soon as grafts are extracted from the scalp, our specialists place them in dishes with Platelet Rich Plasma Solution, also known as PRP Solution. This specially derived solution contains platelets centrifuges from the patient's own blood. Thanks to this unique step a the Hair Transplant Center in Antalya, Turkey, we achieve much higher survivability of transplanted hair grafts. For patients, this much better results: the chances of follicular unit transplants being unsuccessful are minimized, while the thickness of the transplanted hair is increased.

Step 3: Creating Channels for Harvested Grafts

channels for donor follicular units grafts

Once a sufficient number of donor grafts is extracted and preserved, the transplantation team moves on to the next task: creating channels on the recipient areas, where the donor grafts will be transplanted into. Once again, a surgical tool will an extremely fine point is used to make tiny incisions along and inside the areas affected by baldness. This is a crucial step in the operation, as these channels need to be made under a certain angle. The most important rows, which will later form a patient's new hairline, need to planted under an identical angle to the already growing hair, if there is any. Otherwise, the specialists need to recreate the original hairline and make the planted hair grow at a natural angle.

Step 4: Planting the Harvested Follicular Units

planting donor grafts

When the leading hair transplantation surgeon is finished with the recipient channels, the team begins to insert the donor grafts. One by one, up to 4000 grafts is transplanted this way in a single day. Up to 3 team members are working on this task simultaneously. Following the Planting phase, it is crucial that the patient rests in a correct position, without tilting the head forward or to the sides. At the Hair Transplant Center, patients rest in comfortable rooms with beds set to an optimal incline to guarantee the best results.

Step 5: Post-Op Care and Recovery

recovery after hair transplant

After the procedure, our team assists patients during the first hair wash, which has to be done once a day to speed up recovery. Once the patient departs from the Hair Transplant Center in Antalya, Turkey, the next 10-14 days are crucial to achieve the best results. Patients need to follow a specific set of instructions, which will be provided by the clinic.


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